About Us
Forun Australia is a food ingredients specialist of production and distribution. We have over 30,000 sqm factory to produce the premium quality products in China under Australia, EU, and USA food standard, most of the products have been exporting to worldwide giant food manufacturers.  The production ranges are tomato products, spices, dehydrated vegetables, and Organic Super Food,etc.
Forun provides the best and highest quality food ingredients to fulfil all kinds of food factories' requirements with our strictest quality standards to do the best we can.
We are professional and experts at the food production and marketing due to our food business running for over two decades.
We always keep our promise and commitment to the responsibilities on the customers, society and our employees. Because we believe that the good company doesn.t only  mean good quality products itself, but also mean to take good responsibilities to the society, environment and the employees, etc.  We would like to work with more and more responsible companies together to prefect our food industry and earth.
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Sat: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM