Forun Tomato Paste & Towder (Pure)
Forun Tomato Paste and Tomato powder is very hot sales products, which are made from very good quality tomato material. Both of them are pure, no any colorant, flavour and any other food additi
Tomato Paste
Pure tomato paste, 100% tomato,no colorant, favor,preservative,etc. food additives.

FORUN Tomato Paste (pure)
Natural and dense tomato paste has nice color and reaches the export standard of the EU.
Ingredients: 100% Tomatos,No additives or upon request.

Brix: 28/30% CB & HB   
        30/32% HB
        36/38% CB

Ingredients:100% Tomatos; additive free, Non GMO
Packing: 3kg /tin , 4.5kg /tin , 220L/drum, 1000L/bin

Tomato Powder Spray Dried
Pure tomato powder, 100% tomato, no any food additives.

FORUN Spray Dried tomato powder (pure, high lycopene content)
Natural Spray Dried Tomato Powder, Fresh red color, strong taste, very rich lycopene content, EU / USA Quality. Pure, artificial additive free ( no colorant ), Non GMO.
Ingredients: 100% Tomatos,No additives or upon request.

Brief Introduction: 
The spray dried tomato powder is made by high concentration fine quality tomato paste; low temperature spray drying technology captures red color, pure taste and rich lycopene of ripe tomatoes.It contains plenty of vitamins, amino acid, organic and mineral. It is a good soup and flavoring and raw material for drinks.
Packing: 10, 12.5kg/aluminum foil bag,  Carton -- 20,25kg / carton

Store in cool and dry conditions. Should not exceed 25 degree C and 60% relative humidity max.

Forun Tomato Seasoning Powder (Blend)

Tomato Seasoning
Made from premium quality tomato powder and other spices

Forun Tomato Seasoning Powder
​Forun Tomato Seasoning is produced with varies of premium quality spices and spray dried tomato powder,etc. It is free flowing, convenient for using in seasoning, sauce, dressing, soups, snack, noodles, etc.

 We guarantee all ingredients of tomato seasoning are natural, safe and best quality which is according with world wide market, including the Halal and Kosher food requirements.